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Do I have a good case?

How long will my case take?

How does my attorney get paid?

Q: Do I have a good case?

Whether or not you have a good case depends on a variety of factors.  To have a viable case another person or entity has to be at fault for causing your injury.  The nature and extent of your injuries or property damage, the type and timing of medical treatment received, and whether there is adequate insurance coverage for your damages are all important considerations.   If you contact Mr. Shapiro he will give you a realistic assessment of what you should do.

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Q: How long will my case take?

As long as is necessary to properly handle your case.  At a minimum settlement should usually not be considered until the injured person has either finished medical treatment or at least reached a permanent and stable condition.  It is much easier to prove the past than the future.  Assessing the full extent of a person's damages is easier when the full amount of their medical expenses and entire treatment regimen can be considered.  Then settlement can be attempted, with lower fees and costs, prior to litigation.  If the case requires litigation, then the court controls the length of the case although most matters will resolve prior to going to trial.  The focus should always be on obtaining the best result for you.


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Q: How does my attorney get paid?

At Shapiro Legal Group, we work on a “contingency” fee basis.  We are paid a percentage contingent on there being a recovery.  So if there is no recovery we make no money.  What percentage applies depends how far the case goes as litigation cases require substantial additional work.  You do not pay a retainer as with other types of attorneys and therefore you need no money up front.  We are paid when there is a collection on your bodily injury claim which is often at the end of the case.   We also advance out-of-pocket costs on your behalf interest free as long as certain qualifications are met.  Mr. Shapiro will explain these aspects of the attorney-client relationship at your free consultation.

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