7 Things You Need To Know

What do I need to know right now?

Q: What do I need to know right now?

If you have been injured in an accident and are considering a legal claim here are seven things you NEED to know RIGHT NOW:

  1. START GATHERING EVIDENCE:  Evidence available to you now may not be available to you in the future.  For example, suppose you have a bruise from your seatbelt or from where you landed after you fell.  HAVE PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN.  These marks will heal and your opportunity to gather such evidence will be lost forever.  Similarly photos should be taken of any damage to your car or motorcycle before any repairs are done.  If you tripped because of a dangerous condition then pictures of the scene may determine whether your claim is viable or not.  The insurance company is gathering evidence to defeat your claim from the very beginning.  You need to get started.
  2. DON’T GIVE A RECORDED STATEMENT:  The insurance company will want a recorded statement.  Why recorded?  So it can be used against you later.  You are not required to give the insurance company a recorded statement.  But this isn’t a criminal matter.  So they won’t tell you, “This may be used against you in a court of law.”  Of course you say to yourself, “I’m going to tell the truth so it’s ok.”  Don’t be naïve.  Any slight discrepancy between your recorded statement and your future testimony may damage your credibility.
  3. GET MEDICAL CARE: Injured people treat.  Uninjured people don’t treat.  If you do not obtain medical care, or wait too long to obtain medical care, there will be a strong impression that you were not injured.  Not only is this important legal advice but you owe it to yourself to get appropriate medical care.  So it is good advice for your health as well as for your case.  If you have a significant gap in your course of treatment it will be perceived that your resumption of care was not necessary.   
  4. GET A DOCTOR’S NOTE IF YOU MISS TIME FROM WORK: Your employer may or may not require you to provide a doctor’s note.  However getting one will help verify that you needed to miss time due to your injuries.  The amount of time you miss will be much easier to substantiate if it is determined by your doctor rather than by yourself.
  5. START A DETAILED JOURNAL FOR YOUR LAWYER: Specific details regarding your accident such as your speed at the time of the collision or which foot slipped from under you may fade in your memory over time.   It is important that you document details in writing specifically at the request of your attorney for the purpose of communicating with your attorney.
  6. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING FOR THE INSURANCE COMPANY: Some companies want you to release your claim for a nominal sum before you know enough about your damages.  Once completed you cannot go back, even if you are hurt worse than you thought or need more medical treatment than expected.  Settlement is best addressed when you know how injured you are.  Do not sign away your claim before speaking with an attorney.
  7. CONTACT SHAPIRO LEGAL GROUP: If we think you don’t need an attorney we’ll tell you so and you’ll get some free advice in the process.  But if you do need an attorney the sooner you get one the better.  Getting an attorney will improve your recovery and prevent you from making mistakes you would otherwise make by trying to handle your case on your own.

If you have been injured in an accident, it is in your best interest to make sure you contact Mr. Shapiro as soon as possible to get the maximum compensation you deserve. Call 650-274-0180 or fill out the online form for a free consultation.

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