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If you have been injured in an accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation from the individuals, companies, or government entities that are responsible for causing your injury. At Shapiro Legal Group, Jacob Shapiro, Esq. helps accident victims in San Mateo, CA seek maximum compensation for their damages, such as medical expenses, missed time from work, and pain and suffering. Mr. Shapiro a proven San Mateo personal injury lawyer has handled thousands of cases and can help you get the compensation you deserve.

We Represent Clients Injured in the Following San Mateo Accidents 

California personal injury law provides a way for accident victims to obtain compensation for the injuries they suffered due to the accident. However, these personal injury claims are often met with resistance, typically from the at-fault party’s insurance company. Dealing with an insurance company after any type of accident can be overwhelming. At Shapiro Legal Group, we can help. We have decades of experience helping accident victims deal with the insurance companies and get the compensation they need to move on with their lives.

Shapiro Legal Group handles a wide range of San Mateo personal injury matters, including the following:

  • Auto Accidents – Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents are among the leading causes of preventable injury across California. When another driver’s negligence causes an accident, anyone injured as a result of the driver’s negligence may be entitled to financial compensation. While most motorists have insurance coverage, there is no guarantee that the insurance company will fairly compensate an accident victim for their injuries.
  • Premises Liability Cases – A premises liability claim is one in which a landowner is financially liable for the injuries a guest suffers while on their property. These claims are commonly referred to as slip and fall or trip and fall cases. Common premises liability claims include injuries occurring at grocery stores, department stores, sidewalks, government buildings and parks, and private residences.
  • Wrongful Death Claims – Families who have lost a loved one in a preventable accident can pursue a claim for compensation against the at-fault parties through a San Mateo wrongful death claim. Wrongful death claims are very similar to other personal injury claims, except that they are brought by the surviving family members or the victim’s personal representative, rather than by the accident victim.
  • Dog Bite Injuries – Being attacked by a dog is a terrifying experience that is likely to result in serious injuries. California dog bite law allows anyone who has been bitten by a dog to pursue a claim against the animal’s owner. In many cases, due to the state’s strict liability dog bite statute, a dog bite victim will not need to prove that the animal’s owner was negligent.

If you have been seriously injured, it is essential that you reach out to a lawyer to discuss your case.  It is important to preserve your ability to recover compensation for your damages by getting the medical treatment you need and by contacting a San Mateo injury attorney as soon as possible.

Why Choose Shapiro Legal Group?

1. History of Success

Mr. Shapiro, a respected and proven San Mateo personal injury lawyer, has an impressive record of success for helping clients obtain just compensation for accident-related injuries and losses. He has secured numerous multi-million dollar and six-figure settlements and verdicts. Read more about some of his success stories.

2. Personalized and Individualized Representation

San Mateo personal injury attorney Mr. Shapiro provides individualized representation by using analytics to help his clients make smart economic decisions about settlement offers and taking their cases to trial. Clients who work with him appreciate his personal and empathetic approach to putting their interests first.

3. Efficient Out-of-Court Settlements

Mr. Shapiro’s goal is to obtain the best net result for you for your injury claim. Often that means the largest possible settlement without having to go into litigation. In order to achieve this goal, our proven San Mateo injury lawyer uses the unique facts of your case to employ effective negotiation tactics and sound legal arguments.

4. Trial Ready

Deciding on whether to go into litigation or whether to go to trial can be very difficult. When applying cost-benefit analysis to these decisions, Jacob Shapiro focuses on what is best for your bottom line. Sometimes that means a pre-litigation settlement with lower fees and costs. Sometimes that means going to trial. In every situation, he focuses on YOU and protecting your economic interests while attempting to maximize YOUR recovery.

5. Available for Home or Hospital Visits

If you are stuck in the hospital or have difficulty traveling, Mr. Shapiro is happy to come to you for your initial consultation. Contact a compassionate and committed San Mateo injury attorney today.

Schedule your consultation with attorney Jacob Shapiro today.

6. Exclusive Representation for Victims of Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

San Mateo personal injury attorney Jacob Shapiro’s entire practice is dedicated to helping individuals recover just compensation for injuries suffered in vehicle collisions, slips and falls, and other accidents. He exclusively represents victims – never the insurance companies or big corporations. As a result, his clients’ interests are always his top priority.

7. Extensive Local Knowledge

With nearly two decades of experience, Mr. Shapiro knows what it takes to win personal injury and wrongful death claims in San Mateo and the San Francisco Bay Area. He has a comprehensive understanding of the laws and procedures involved, and he is intimately familiar with the tactics used by lawyers who defend the insurance companies.

8. The Experience to Maximize Your Financial Recovery

For clients that choose Shapiro Legal Group, the experience of Mr. Shapiro provides a distinct advantage when it comes to preparing cases for settlement or trial. By showing the insurance companies and other responsible parties that he means business, he is often able to obtain significant recoveries without clients ever setting foot in a courtroom.

Contact Our Highly-Skilled San Mateo Personal Injury Lawyer Today

If you have been injured and someone else is to blame, you deserve to have your facts reviewed by an experienced San Mateo personal injury attorney. Jacob Shapiro will evaluate the viability of your legal claim to obtain just compensation for the damages caused by an accident. He provides personalized and effective representation to injury victims in the San Mateo, CA and Bay Area. As an attorney, he wants to help you receive the compensation you deserve. To discuss your accident with an experienced San Mateo injury lawyer, call (650) 274-0180 or contact us online today.

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