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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What to do at the scene of an accident.

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At Shapiro Legal Group we hear countless stories of injured people who have been involved in an accident.  For many people this is the first time they have ever been involved in an accident and they don't know what to do.  Of course the number one priority is obtaining any emergency care at the scene.  As always medical care and your health are more important than legal considerations.  While no two accidents are exactly the same here are some general guidelines for the most common types of accidents which produce injuries. 

Automobile accidents - If there is sufficient property damage you are required to exchange information at the scene.  If physically able you should take pictures of the damage to the other vehicle as you may not see it again.  Pictures of your vehicle, and even the scene, are important although they can be taken later.  You should call the police.  Whether they will come and whether they will produce a report will depend on the jurisdiction.  Do not tell the police you are not injured if you do not know.

Slip/Trip and Fall accidents - You should determine why you slipped or fell.  If physically able take pictures of the scene.  The scene will likely be cleaned or altered permanently eliminating the ability to obtain what could be crucial evidence.  Many legitimate claims are lost simply because the condition at issue can no longer be shown to the jury.  Save your shoes putting them in a bag and do not wear them again as they are now evidence.

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